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Draft –Orientation - HCHR – OMS – CRPD – Right – Legislation - Mental health – Evaluation – Paradigm –  Process- Transformation.

Draft –Orientation - HCHR – OMS – CRPD – Right – Legislation - Mental health – Evaluation – Paradigm – Process- Transformation.

Call for Contributions : Draft guidance on mental health, human rights and legislation published jointly by WHO and HCHR




Call for contributions and comments

The draft orientation on mental health developed jointly by the High Commissioner for Human Rights (HCHR) and the World Health Organization (WHO), two United Nations bodies that are theoretically independent in their functioning and objectives, is part of a perspective of transformation of mental health systems through processes of compliance with the principles of human rights, including the articles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, that protect people who pass through its services and networks, including the psychiatric institution, generating everything except care and recovery.



The text of the joint project is in English. The document consists of 154 pages, including 8 pages of annexes and 33 pages of references.


For information on the call, see the link here : https://www.ohchr.org/en/calls-for-input/calls-input/draft-guidance-mental-health-human-rights-legislation-who-ohchr




The collective's view


For the collective, the interoperability of mental health ideology in horizontal and vertical dimensions, constitutes a major obstacle to any possibility of transforming the services that propagate it. The only path that could give a chance to stop this harmful propagation to the health of society itself, is the courage to undertake intelligent and processual steps to liquidate these services, through the deinstallation of the set of dogmas that found the architecture of this devastating ideology, opening another path for the abolition of the mental health law and legislation. In the same way, this cognitive enterprise also concerns the urgency of disintegrating and invalidating the pseudo-scientific and corrupted researches that gravitate around this ideology, maintaining it in the circulation of its related debased notions, source of moreover the contamination of the treated and evaluated persons in their complex cognitive functioning, even in the forms of their intelligence, of mental illness, disregarding the heavinesses of the context and of the environment, generating the degradations of the global health. And yet, an intrusion is visibly made by the ideologists of the mental health by introducing a concept without epistemic foundation to make it pass as a new mental illness: the eco-anxiety.


What characterizes these ideologues, who pass themselves off as professional researchers and practitioners, is the fact that they manifest themselves in an indescribable posture, hidden in projects of recovery and accompaniment, highly paternalistic and normative. In fact, they do not know what the rules of their game are with the mental and psychological processes of the people subjected to mental health approaches, and intervention systems. They organize the game with these processes by organizing themselves through mechanisms of medicalization and criminalization of the processes and behaviours, judged not to conform to the dominant and imposed norms and by the institution itself. Moreover, any possibility of regulating all these services in order to adapt them to new realities, will never be able to respond to changes in perspective as long as this same regulation carries within itself conservative buckles of existing meaning. Only a willingness to change the existing paradigm could satisfy the conditions of the exit of the structural and epistemic crisis, that is rooted and deployed in the mental health system, amplified by the absence of objectives and purpose, and of the culture of evaluation and meaning in this system and its networks.






Key words


Draft –Orientation - HCHR – OMS – CRPD – Right – Legislation - Mental health – Evaluation – Paradigm – Process- Transformation.

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